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About Us

Victor Kremer
Victor escaped from a small town in southern England and volunteered at Kibbutz Mefalsim and Kibbutz Tzeelim, both in the Negev, between 1988 and 1990. During that time he milked 270,000 cows (Holstein-Friesians), smoked 426 packets of Noblesse cigarettes and lost countless games of backgammon. A frequent visitor to Israel, Victor is a freelance journalist and lives in New York City.

Uzi Dor
Uzi was born in Kibbutz Mefalsim and lived in the kibbutz until the capitalistic bug bit him on one unexpected morning. He worked in the fields, served in the army and traveled the world. Today, Uzi lives in Israel, has three kids and a graphic design studio. He sees the kibbutz only in his nightmares.

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