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Shalom and welcome to KibbutzReloaded.com, the only comprehensive web site dedicated to helping former kibbutz volunteers, Ulpan students and kibbutzniks re-connect with long-lost friends. Just follow the simple log-in and begin searching. You never know who you might find! And don�t forget to tell us about your own volunteering experiences.

Remember, KibbutzReloaded.com will not give out your contact information. If a former volunteer wants to e-mail you, the initial contact will be via the web site, so you choose whether to reply and whether to share your e-mail address with other registered users.

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A 2012 Rosh Hashanah appeal to KibbutzReloaded members
KibbutzReloaded needs your help in raising money to pay for brain cancer treatment for a nine-year boy in Israel, whose parents are a former kibbutz volunteer and a kibbutznikit.
Whats new at KibbutzReloaded
over 25,000 registered users in more than 40 countries
new search feature
new e-mail alert when an ex-volunteer signs up at your old kibbutz
Celebrity volunteer quiz
Some of the biggest names in film, comedy and popular music are former kibbutz volunteers. How many can you identify?
The kibbutz: from Marxism to materialism in 100 years
Discover how men with beards came to shape the early development of the kibbutz movement.
Why did we set up KibbutzReloaded?
KibbutzReloadedstarted life as a result of a casual internet search for ex kibbutz volunteers from the Negev region circa 1988, which came up blank.
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